Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well I've been a little lazy lately, so I only have one new figure for you. To make up for it I'll throw up a couple of oldies, but goodies. The first one is in honor of Lost ending. Say what you will about the end(I was satisfied) of the show, it is a fantastic show and has been from the get go.

I started off with John Locke. He's been one of my favorites through the whole show. All in all I'm happy with him, but I'm not 100% on the head. It was the best bald head I could find and I tried to rework it a little. I'm going to keep mt eyes open for a better head and hopefully update him at some point.


I tried making a little display base for him. I used some sand and plastic plants. It turned out pretty decent, but I definitely learned a couple of things to avoid on the next one. I also gave him his metal case full of knives. I even made it so all of the knives are removeable.


Now I really want to make some more of the Losties.


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