Monday, May 31, 2010


Hey everyone,

I didn't have a post last week. I couldn't seem to finish a project. Not to worry I've got a couple new figures for this week.

The first one is Lord Krulos from Dino Riders. If you're unfamiliar with Dino Riders than you are missing out on one of the sweetest 80's cartoons ever. It's about a group of people, the Vallorians, from space that crash on prehistoric Earth. They are followed by the evil Rulons lead by Lord Krulos. They arm the dinosaurs with lasers and use them to fight their war. Let me sum that up, dudes from space fighting each other while riding on dinosaurs armed with lasers aka the best thing ever.

Hopefully I'll have some more Dino Riders figures soon. I've got some big plans.

Lord Krulos 1

I actually finished him awhile ago, but I entered him in a contest at and I couldn't post him until the contest was done. The best part I got 3rd place in the contest. It's the first time I've placed in a contest. It felt pretty good. is a great site with some of the best guys in the customizing game. If you ever want to see some amazing work go check them out.

Lord Krulos 2

Well that's it for this post. Don't worry though I'll have another one coming in the next couple of days.

Valhalla awaits.

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  1. Dino Riders > Jesus. actually better than most things, basically bad ass.