Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm going to start with my favorite customs that I've completed so far. I'll periodically add in some of my older work as well as updating with new figures.

These are the four horsemen of the apocalypse brought on by Hitlers studies in the occult and the scientific advancements of the German scientists. In this alternate history Hitler has become an even bigger threat with these four nigh unstoppable agents of war.

First up is my favorite of the bunch Death. In life he was a high ranking Nazi official. He was badly injured in a failed attempt on Hitler's life. Using a new found technology they rebuilt him. A mixture of science and arcane magic he became the template for the other horsemen. He wields his mechanical arms with deadly precision, able to morph their shape to suit his needs. Remorseless and deadly he leads the horsemen to battle.


Next is Pestilence. He was the lead scientist involved with the effort to rebuild Death. Ultimately jealous of the power given to Death by his hands he turned the technology on himself. Infusing his blood with the dark magic that powers Deaths mechanical arms. He became a walking plague, able to release a deadly cloud of radiation. This radiation causes a kind of sickness never before witnessed. It causes an instant crippling illness that does not end quickly. The mind is left alert as the body slowly and painfully dies.


Then we come to War. He was a decorated soldier and a willing volunteer in the Aryan super soldier program. Given a mechanical heart that pumps his body full of hormones, steroids, and the same mixture injected in Pestilence's blood stream. In life he lived for nothing more than to crush his enemies, see them driven before him, and to hear the lamentation of their women. Little changed after the procedure, except he now has the power to match his blood lust.


Finally we come to Famine. He was an unwilling volunteer tested on by the Nazis. He was imprisoned and isolated. The only food he was given was insects and small animals irradiated with the blood of Pestilence. Slowly his body began to whither away as he grew more and more insane. Now he is nothing more than an animal fueled by insanity and hunger. He feeds off of the life essence of any living creature he can get close to.


Well that does it for my first post. Hopefully the first of many.

-Valhalla awaits.


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